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Bishop's Gate Hotel is awarded 'Hideaway of the Year 2017' at the Georgina Campbell Awards in Dublin on 21st September 2016

georgina campbell award
Here's what Georgina Campbell said about Bishop's Gate Hotel when presenting the award 'Hideaway of the Year 2017'
" Our favourite hideaways are most often in remote places - on islands, perhaps, or in deeply rural areas. But there is something uniquely appealing about the idea of a hideaway in a city - and, although it brings a treasure chest of history to its current role, this unusual place has also brought something very new and different to ancient surroundings.
Originally built as a private residence over 200 years ago, and then becoming a Gentlemen's Club, this handsome building  in Derry lay empty for many years before being transformed into the atmospheric boutique hotel that it is today. Bringing history, luxury, style and service to the Cathedral Quarter, Bishop’s Gate Hotel is a uniquely interesting place to stay within the historic city walls - and the charming staff are full of warmth, enjoying nothing better than sharing its history with guests. There’s a lovely pride of place that immediately makes new arrivals feel at home.
While at the heart of everything - it’s just a short walk to the impressively restored Guildhall, and then over the Peace Bridge to the stunning Ebrington Square Parade Ground (home to the Walled City Brewery among other attractions) - this fascinating place also has a sense of luxurious retreat from the everyday. A very special destination, and a great asset to Derry City "
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