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Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

Our Wig Champagne Bar And Lounge Supervisor Joanne O'Donnell recently took some time from her busy shift to answer some questions so that our Website & Social Media followers can find out a little more about her. Thank you Joanne!


Joanne O’Donnell


Supervisor in The Wig Champagne Bar And Lounge

How Long Have You Worked In Bishops Gate Hotel:         

I became part of the Bishops Gate Hotel Team in December 2016 just in time for a very busy and enjoyable festive season.

What is your role at Bishops Gate Hotel:

As a Supervisor in The Wig Champagne Bar & Lounge it is my role to ensure that each shift runs smoothly from meeting and greeting guests, ensuring stock is up to date and each member of staff knows their role for that day.

In my opinion it is so important to ensure everyone is happy. This is not just about our guests but also about our staff too. Guests regularly comment on the friendliness and efficiency of our team and I believe this is down to staff being genuinely happy during their shift. Happy staff, happy guests.

I would be involved in making sure all staff training is up to date from health and safety to product knowledge. I like to encourage staff to come up with new ideas for example seasonal cocktails and get involved with their work. It is nice for staff to see their own creations working well in the Wig & Gown.

Favourite Memory Of Bishops Gate Hotel so far:

I have enjoyed brining my family to the hotel for a celebration dinner. It was a fantastic experience being on the other end of the Bishops Gate Hotel service and I was proud to show my family that this is where I work. Each staff member puts their heart into their work and this shows in my opinion.

Favourite Food Or Drink Item From The Wig & Gown:

I love our gin selection. We currently have 18 different gins on our menu, many of these are locally produced. Gin has become so popular now and is very versatile working with lots of different fresh, tangy or sweet flavours. It is what you want to make of it. The team are all here to help you decide what suits your taste.

 Advice for new visitors to the city:          

Eat Local. We take pride in our locally sourced and produced food & drink, but best of all … its delicious.

Employee Of The Month Joanne