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Far And Wild

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Far & Wild


Far and Wild are part of a worldwide movement, encouraging both local residents & visitors to connect with our surrounding environment, learning how this can change our daily life & how we can support our planet long term.

They offer a range of experiences for guests to enjoy nature, local food & gentle exercise at the same time.

Read below to find out about just a few of their experiences or to visit their website to find out their full range of options click on the logo below: 
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 Foodie City Cycle

As part of their unique “Slow adventure” experiences, Far and Wild have created a partnership with The Walled City Brewery and The Legenderry Warehouse No. 1 to showcase both our city & its quality local produce.

Over 3-hour time period, tour participants will explore our historic city centre with time scheduled to include culinary delights from the partnered food establishments.

From £40 per person

Far And Wide Foodie Cycle

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Moonlight Kayaking

Explore the Foyle Estuary, nearby coastline & river systems with the 3-hour kayaking tour which is scheduled to take place close to the full moon.

This is an exciting way to explore the local areas in a completely new light when nature is at it’s most peaceful. Lead by experienced tour guests who will guide you from twilight until the tour concludes at moon-rise.

Some of the tours have given participants the opportunity to witness a meteor shower or a clear view of the starlit sky.

The moonlight kayak tour is best suited for adults or adults with children over 12 years of

 Far And Wild Kayak

Guest review:

I was really excited about going kayaking and potentially spotting some meteors, though really, I had very little idea what to expect. I knew it would be good, but I couldn’t have imagined it would be this fantastic. The team were really helpful and drew our attention to loads of different points of interest. The nature surrounding us – from the sunset in the sky, to the river, the estuary and the night sky – they were the real highlights. It was utterly unforgettable, and to see some meteors felt simply unbelievable. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and it was undoubtedly the highlight of my 2017 so far. HIGHLY recommend!


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Boom Boards

 Continuing their partnership with Walled City Brewery, this tour is the first of its kind in Ireland.

Long-boarding originated in Hawaii as the smooth & stable experience is said to mimic surfing the ocean there where the ocean has few waves. 

The tour offers guests a new view of our city whilst learning a new skill!

The 2-hour session begins with a lesson in St Columb’s Park so that participants can learn how to control their board and finishes with a visit to Walled City Brewery, to sample some of the brews made in their micro-distillery. 


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